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Our history of working alongside these churches & rural communities goes back over 100 years.


Supporting MANNA means you are enabling these churches to thrive and effect their communities in the reduction of poverty and fighting injustice and following Jesus.


A typical priest in Mozambique & Angola is responsible for an Anglican parish which could cover up to 40-50 Anglican communities, all hours of travelling apart (often on foot) with lay leaders leading the congregations in their absence.


These communities all face problems of lack of access to clean water, good sanitation, education and clinics and it is often the people of church who are working hard on the ground to fight these injustices.


We seek to help them do this. Can you help us?

Church Growth

We want to enable church growth in both depth and breadth for the dioceses in Mozambique and Angola. We do this by supporting theological education through conferences, training and resources; building new churches; supporting development of pastors, catechists, old & young people. In short anything that grows up the Kingdom of God in these wonderful Anglican communities. Can you help?

Community Projects

Community development is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. So we also want to invest in health projects, sanitation and hygiene work, nutrition, clinics, microcredit projects and so much more that the churches are running. It’s all about focussing on the people on the ground and building up the local capacity so life can be lived to the full.


We can get so much more done when we collaborate with others. A lot of what MANNA does is working together with other organisations that support the Dioceses in Mozambique & Angola. Partnerships matter to us. Help us to do this even better.


This is our biggest need. We are one of the main backstops for these 4 dioceses and often their needs are great so they struggle to make ends meet. We support the things that are not so obvious but are the cornerstone of the work of these dioceses and churches; salaries, buildings, transport, utility bills, running costs. We work in partnership with these inspirational dioceses so they in turn can support the churches and their projects on the ground.