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Things to pray for

The churches in Mozambique and Angola face huge hurdles but we know that “with the help of my God, I can scale a wall” (Psalm 18:29) so please pray for our brothers and sisters in Africa. Below are some pointers or if you prefer you can print off our monthly prayer diary by clicking here. MANNA monthly prayer.

For the countries
  • Please pray for the continuing food shortage situation in Mozambique. We pray for the churches as they try and support their brothers and sisters.
  • Please pray for the governments in Angola and Mozambique and for the peace which is continuing to hold in Mozambique.
For the church
  • Please pray for the Mozambican and Angolan Diocesan strategic plans that they will grow the people of God in depth and numbers.
  • Please pray for the Nora Sturges Health Centre in Lobito and it’s huge needs in training, resourcing, refurbishing and fundraising.
  • Please pray for effective community development within the dioceses that teams such as Equipa de Vida in Niassa and Acção Social Anglicana in Lebombo that they continue to thrive and the people of God grow in holistic depth of issues of social justice and mission.
  • Please pray for MANNA – that all we do, builds up the local churches in Lebombo, Niassa and Angola & grows God’s kingdom.
For the clergy
  • Please pray for Bishop Vicente Msosa in Niassa and Suffragan Bishop Manuel. We pray for both of them and Bishop Carlos in Lebombo and Bishop Andre in Angola that God will grant them daily the wisdom, strength, vision & humility to lead the churches.
  • Please pray for the family of those clergy who have died and pray that God raises up more men and women like them.
  • The clergy in Lebombo, Niassa and Angola.

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