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What we do

Mozambique and Angola are among the poorest countries in the world and are facing up to the challenges which follow years of destructive civil war.

The Anglican churches in these countries are experiencing tremendous growth, yet are held back by lack of funds. MANNA has an amazing and humbling recorded history going back to at least 1906. The cornerstones of these churches in Mozambique and Angola are sacrificial individuals who have devoted their lives to bring about God’s kingdom here on earth and the work of MANNA.

Today in these two countries there are over 800 Christian congregations in these dioceses that are constantly growing.  Their needs are growing too as these churches seek to support and empower their local communities fostering change in health, education and development.

MANNA has not only been a cornerstone of these churches, dioceses and clergy over these last 20 years but also in giving support to set up clinics, schools and to enable community development.

As a UK registered charity, MANNA raises financial support for the work of the Anglican churches in Mozambique and Angola and makes a huge difference in their work through the building of churches, clergy training and support, facilitation of transport to supporting various education, health and development projects. We exist to facilitate the work and growth of the churches in Mozambique and Angola.

Read more about recent events and projects that the churches themselves initiate on our news page.

Find out more about getting involved here.

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