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Nora Sturges Health Centre, Angola

The Nora Sturges Health Centre in Lobito, Angola was opened in August 2003 by Bishop Graham Dow in memory of his late mother-in-law who was a doctor. Lobito is a busy port on the Atlantic Coast, near Benguela and around 300km south of the capital Luanda.

The Centre, run by Revd Pedro Jamba, a nurse, has 8 other members of staff and offers health provision to many who live in the area of Esperanca in Lobito municipality. The healthcare system in Angola is struggling and the population faces huge health challenges of malaria, cholera, yellow fever, HIV and with chronic shortages of clinics, hospitals and trained staff. Despite its wealth Angola still has one of the highest infant mortality rates and one of the world’s lowest life expectancies.

Although the Health Centre receives no support from the Angolan government and its only income is gifts from the UK, it does all it can to make a difference in this area of Lobito. But if it is to be effective it needs a reliable income on a monthly basis to pay for staff wages, drugs, medical supplies. An independent review of the clinic in autumn 2016 showed that the clinic needed more support, training, resources and funding to better meet the needs of the local people. MANNA is exploring the possibilities of how best it can support the Diocese of Angola as it runs this clinic and is looking for options going forward.

The Centre and its dedicated staff are desperately trying to make a difference in this very poor area of Lobito but they need help. MANNA is looking for partners to enable this work to thrive.

If you would like to support this work directly, click here to give a one-off donation:

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Or for more information, get in touch with Elizabeth Thomas.

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