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Who we work with

MANNA works with three Anglican dioceses, Lebombo and Niassa in Mozambique, and Angola. All 3 Dioceses face the huge challenge of being the Good News in the face of extreme poverty and injustice.

Mozambique: Lebombo

(covering the south of the country)

Mozambique: Niassa

(covering the north of the country)

Angola: The Missionary Diocese of Angola

The Right Reverend Carlos Simão Matsinhe
Bishop Elect
The Right Reverend Vicente Msosa
Suffragan Bishop
The Right Reverend Manuel Ernesto
The Right Reverend André Soares

Mozambique: Lebombo Diocese

Mozambique is roughly three times the size of the UK with a population of 16.9 million, about a quarter of the UK. The southern half of the country is served by the Lebombo Diocese, based in the country’s capital, Maputo. The The Right Reverend Carlos Simão Matsinhe is the new bishop, consecrated on 28 September 2014.


Like much of the church in Southern Africa, the diocese is experiencing growth, and many new churches are being dedicated. The Bishop travels thousands of miles each year visiting churches across the region, baptising and confirming Christians.

The Rt Rev. Carlos Simão Matsinhe

Mozambique: Niassa Diocese

The northern half of Mozambique is served by the Niassa Diocese, formed in 1980 when the country was divided into two dioceses. The Niassa Diocese has been led by The Rt Rev. Mark Van Koevering since September 2003 and is based in Lichinga.


The diocese is huge (1.5 times the size of the UK) and is experiencing tremendous growth, with new parishes created each year within its four archdeaconaries. Within the diocese there are the departments of ministry, mission, worhsip and diocesan administration.


In the mission department, the teams of life – Equipa de Vida’s work includes wells, agriculture, HIV/AIDS education, development and health. The large Salt, Health and Light community health project (initiated by Dr Peg Cumberland which is now headed up by Rebecca Vander Meulen) on the upper lakeshores continues strongly  and impressively with the Mozambican government. The WASH project based in Milange focusses on wells, water and sanitation projects through the diocese.


Click here to see the list of clergy and where their parishes are in Niassa.

Angola: The Missionary Diocese of Angola

Angola is approximately five times the size of the UK, covering 481,350 square miles, and is home to 12.8 million people. A single Diocese, created in 2002, serves the whole of the country under the leadership the Rt Rev. André Soares. The Missionary Diocese of Angola is based in the country’s capital, Luanda.


Angola is a country which is seeing change on the outside by investment in infrastructure, but the lives of its poor people remain untouched. Transformation of their lives comes through the provision of education and clean water. Clergy and lay leaders are being trained in Luanda to minister to the large number of new parishes. Support for them includes practical help like the provision of bicycles to offer a simple transport solution for the clergy.


HIV/AIDS continues to be a challenge in Angola as it does in the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. Education for all is a constant theme of the church’s effort to stem its spread.

The Right Reverend André Soares

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